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we believe that every child deserves a strong foundation for a successful future.


In recognition of its outstanding commitment to quality education and holistic development in our learners.


Welcome to Safari Brooks academy, a school that is
committed to academic and holistic excellence by ensuring
every lesson counts. Safari Brooks is an environment that
inspires, challenges,empowers and enriches learners to
achieve their full potential. Welcome and be on board for we
believe in Achieving ExcellenceTogether




By engaging children in safe energetic activities such as gymnastics and acrobatics, and offering quality mentorship from responsible local coaches, we are injecting the community with lifesaving countermeasures. Apart from learning the sport, the children learn perseverance, teamwork, trust, vision & creativity.


Teaching chess in schools offers a ton of benefits for students, and can potentially provide a fantastic addition to most curriculums. Whether taught in the classroom, as part of a club, or as an optional after-school activity, the more schools that offer chess instruction, the more students who will be able to master the many skills that chess helps develop.


Swimming is one of the water sports that is very beneficial for our health. It is also being a favorite sport for all of person, especially children. That is the reason to choose swimming as our field trip activity in this term. Students looked very enthusiastic when they heard we will do swimming for field trip. And Notredame was the selected swimming pool for this field trip.


Soccer is great exercise and a non-contact sport that increases aerobic capacity. The drills, practice, and games provide your child with an awesome cardiovascular workout which helps in improving physical development, flexibility and strength.

Computer labs

Teaching young students how to think what makes sense when using a computer is extremely important in addition to using it to teach content like math or using skills in the computer lab.

Music instrument lessons

Your children will love these engaging kindergarten music lessons. In every lesson they are active as they play instruments, move, dance, dramatise and learn to sing new songs. Each kindergarten music lesson follows the same format but with different songs.

A place to learn and grow together

Safari Brooks Academy is passionate in offering quality education. Today, we took our early grades for an educational tour. Educational trips play an instrumental role in equiping learners with first hand knowledge and giving them a feel of the real world.

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    One thing I really appreciated were all of the wonderful activities the teachers thought of to keep their students learning. Beautiful pictures are sent home daily and teachers keep families updated with newsletters detailing all of the learning that was happening in the classroom.The teachers and director create a warm and rich educational environment.



    I never had intended to send my daughter to a private kindergarten, but when I fell in love with Safari brooks since the 2s, I knew I would be staying with family that would have my daughter flourishing. When it comes to the foundation of the academics, the program truly transforms a child on their journey throughout the year.



    Our daughter is currently enrolled in the full-day Kindergarten program at The safari brooks. Our family has had a fabulous experience at safaribrooks academy. Before enrolling our daughter at the SBA, we heard very positive feedback from two close friends of the family who raved about the school and faculty. Wow…we can definitely see why they were so happy with the quality of the school. We absolutely love it.


    Two of my children are graduates of Safaribrooks Academy full day kindergarten program (8.45-2.30pm). The dedicated, experienced kindergarten teacher, outstanding academic program, and individual attention through small class sizes gave us confident, happy and independent kindergarten graduates who love learning and were overly prepared to meet the requirements of first grade and beyond.



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