About Us

Safari Brooks Academy
  • Education approach that engages each child.

    One-on-one engagement between teachers and children is among our strongest suits

    We have highly trained teachers that give personalised attention to each pupil. This appraochhas been found to instil confidence and it improves performace a great deal.

  • Friendly atmosphere plus quality children care.

    Qulaity childcare instils values and helps children grow into responsible adults at the same time.

    At Safari Brooks Academy, we prioritize children’s welfare. That’s why we dedicate our resources to building a serene environment that fosters comfort learning.
    The location of our facility, away from town noises and roads, provides a quiet and peaceful surroundings ideal for learning.

  • Dedicated classrooms with qualified teachers.

    Our teachers and Child caregiver are highly qualified.
    We pride ourselves as one of the best childcare facilities in Nairobi. We create a friendly environment where kids can play, learn, and interact with the world at the same time. Education for the young ones is critical in that it shapes their futures in a specific way. We want their futures to be bright and adorable. That’s why we do not compromise on quality.
    • Collaboration

      Children’s growth process requires the attention of both teachers, parents, and society. We encourage parents and our teachers to work together in the kids’ development and education process.

    • Lovely

      At Safari Brooks Academy, we teach kids to love each other and grow together as a family; this is an essential virtue in kids’ social life.

    • Growth

      The knowledge/intelligence growth curve differs between different pupils. At Safari Brooks Academy, we take care of the development pace of each kid as they learn.

    • Global focus

      The society’s expectation of kids is divers. At Safari Brooks Academy, we instill values that will help kids fit in every culture or environment.

    • Not just books

      Books and too many books turn out too dull for kids; that’s why we incorporate extracurricular activities in the kids’ development process. We have both onsite and offsite playgrounds with state-of-the-art facilities for kids playing time.

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